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LENNY LAMB Equestrian Galaxy Collection

Equestrian Galaxy 2.0

in 2 Colorways

Purple Rainbow & Black Bubblegum

This design was inspired by my now three year old daughter is always telling me about and asking me to pet her pink (sometimes purple) flying unicorn friend. She's nuts over Unicorns and Pegasi and so am I! The project was in collaboration with an talented artist, Michelle Morris, who created the little Unicorn/Pegasi family. Together we made the beautiful galactic park they play in.

Original VS 2.0

Difference between the original and the 2.0 version: SIZE & Arrangement. The adult unicorns are 25% smaller than original version. They are also arranged so that 4 fit in a 1 meter by single wrap width repeat which is perfect for blankets (and fabric by the meter).