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LENNY LAMB Liberty Collection

 Collection has been completed and extras are in stock.

To answer the demand for a patriotic design by military mommas, we decided to hold a Red, White, and Blue Design Contest through our Fan Chatter Group. We are excited to introduce our winner:

Colleen Bucchioni

"As a spouse of a USAF veteran, I designed Liberty primarily with military families in mind to have something nice to wear to base functions. Babywearing is essential so families are able to attend a multitude of on, and off, base events as well as holding down the fort during deployments. It's a different spin on the traditional stars and bars, but still a respectful tribute enough for anyone who takes pride in our great country. I hope you love Liberty with as much love as I put into it!"

Colleen's Daughter

Colleen's Daughter can't wait for her Liberty Carrier!