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My Experience

My passion for babywearing started when my sister lent my her Maya ring sling and Infantino Mei Tai. From there I tried multiple ways of DIY-ing my own carrier, but finally gave up. After attending a meeting at a local babywearing group, I bought my first wrap and buckle carrier. There is nothing like the woven fabric made for babywearing and there is a wide array of blends and patterns to fit everyone's taste.

Now I know from my personal experience that these carriers are life savers along with being beautiful accessories. With two children, being to be hands free is so helpful besides the amazing support for your back. I can't carry either of my kiddos for more than five minutes before my back starts aching. Besides that, its just a great way for you or spouse to bond with baby. Nothing is better than when baby is so comfortable they falls sound asleep. My two-year-old was never worn before we had our second but just loves being worn daddy's back during long walks.

If you have any questions about babywearing feel free to ask on the Fan Page, but I also highly encourage you to join babywearing facebook groups.